I’ve had this blog idea brewing for a few years now, and I have always intended on starting it with a bad coffee pun.

As many people do, I grew up not necessarily enjoying coffee, but learning to love it over the course of several years. It started with Folgers + honey at a solid 1:1 ratio, and grew through lattes into straight black cups of delicious, life-giving coffee. Fortunately, during the time my affection for this warm beverage was growing I was spending a majority of my life on tour surrounded by a lot of coffee loving humans (most notably @_davidpuckett). That lead me to spending a majority of my down time in coffee shops around the United States, Canada and Europe over the course of several years.

I would describe myself as a very average coffee drinker, a caramel latte is my bevvy of choice aside from a classic black cup of coffee. And I found myself constantly searching for unbiased coffee opinions by average individuals when I was in new cities. So, I decided I was going to order a caramel latte (or plain latte if the shop didn’t offer caramel) and rate all of the coffee shops I went to over the course of my final year of touring.

If you find yourself traveling I hope this can help you make some decisions and assist you on the path to caffeinated righteousness.



Madcap - Grand Rapids, MI - 10/10 (Favorite latte in the world)

The Bunker - Tampa, FL - 9

Fosko Coffee - Pensacola,  FL - 5

The Blind Tiger - Tampa, FL - 6

Joule Coffee & Table - Raleigh, NC - 9.5 (Now Closed, RIP)

Shockoe Espresso - Richmond, VA - 5

The White Hart Cafe - Lynchburg, VA - 4

Dancing Goats - Atlanta, GA - 7

Crema - Nashville, TN - 8

Square One - Lancaster, PA - 7.5

Fox in the Snow - Columbus, OH - 5

Mission Coffee - Columbus, OH - 7

Fire Creek - Flagstaff, AZ - 9

Yellow House Coffee - Lubbock, TX - 9

Craftwork - Ft. Worth, TX - 9.5

Hideout Coffee - Austin, TX - 8

Ahh Coffee - Houston, TX - 8

Chimera - Tulsa, OK - 8

Zendo - Albuquerque, NM - 4

Cartel - Tucson, AZ - 8

Coeur - Spokane, WA - 8

Bellwether - Denver, CO - 9

New Harvest Coffee - Pawtucket, RI - 9



Fenster - Berlin, Germany - 9 Cortado*

The Old Crown - Birmingham, UK - 9

Koko - Amsterdam, Netherlands - 10

Kaffeerosterei BRUHBAR - Leipzig, Germany - 7



Esquina - Montreal, CAN - 7

Manic Coffee - Toronto, CAN - 9.5


Also, shoutout to Starbucks for providing me a consistently average cup of coffee whether I was in Iowa or Argentina. You the real MVP.


Jim Hughes